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January 19, 2018 FoML Annual Meeting Minutes

The final board meeting of FoML was held at the home of board member Paulette Oboyski, on January 19, 2018. She and her husband, Victor, hosted the meeting and then provided a delicious lunch to end FoML's twenty-five year existence. This year two $750.00 grants will be awarded and announced on February 14, 2018. The Ivan O. Davis - Liberty Library will be awarded their grant for their "Aging Well" program to serve their community. The Acton Public Library will receive their grant for their project "Nature Packs". We feel we are disbanding on a high note, knowing many libraries have been well-served by our organization.

Respectfully submitted,

Gale Briggs, Secretary

November 14, 2016 FoML Annual Meeting Minutes

In lieu of its 2016 annual meeting the presentation of three $500.00 FoML grants at the Maine Library Association’s Conference will stand as the meeting.  Laurel presented one grant to the Gibbs Library in Washington for its Oral History Project which will capture the memories of older and elder citizens.  The Scarborough Public Library’s grant was for their Outreach Program, providing tote bags and materials to homebound patrons. The Soldiers Memorial Library in Hiram will use their award for completion of their circulation/reception area and printer station.  Representatives from Scarborough Public Library and Soldiers Memorial Library were able to attend and accept their grants.

Respectfully submitted,

Gale Briggs, Secretary   

October 6, 2015 FoML Annual Meeting Minutes

The annual meeting was held in Belfast at the Belfast Free Library on October 6, 2015.  Nancy McGinnis, Barb Rehmeyer and Laurel Parker welcomed all those present and a short introduction to the library was given by Steve Norman, Director of the library.  Jamie Ritter, Maine State Librarian and Linda Lord, who recently stepped down from the position, discussed Maine libraries and their challenges and the role FoML plays in support and advocacy for them.  A guided tour of the library hosted by Betsy Pardis was followed by a wonderful lunch catered by Bell the Cat, allowing time for networking and also conversations and viewing the vendors’ and performers’ offerings.                                                                                                                 

After lunch, Laurel read the previous annual meeting minutes and Treasurer’s Report which were accepted by the membership.  Laurel extended an invitation to join FoML and its Board.  New members are needed if we are to continue our mission.  Gale Briggs agreed to continue as secretary for another year as well as Laurel Parker as President and John Clark as Treasurer.  Last year’s grant winners, the Peabody Memorial Library (a community movies project) and Falmouth Memorial Library (Flukes, a ukulele community band project) attended and gave updates on the success and outcome of their grants.                                         

Our $500.00 grant was awarded next.  Cundy’s Harbor Library was this year’s recipient.  Director Tricia Gordon accepted and explained the grant will be used to create an Inside Out Makerspace.  An Osmo Starter Kit, Ipad Mini2. Makey Makey Classic Kit and littleBits Premium Kit will be purchased. 

Nicole Rancourt shared information about the Maine Readers’ Choice Award (Fiction), State Rep Summer Collaborative Reading Program and the Maine Humanities Council as Program Officer all of which she is involved with.  In addition to this she volunteered to sit on FoML’s Board as well as Tricia Gordon.  Victor Oboyski spoke to the group about the Masons’ Summer Reading Bicycle Program and who to contact if any library is interested.                                                                                                                                                     The meeting ended with acknowledgement of a great annual meeting and door prizes.     

Respectfully submitted,

Gale Briggs, Secretary      


August 7, 2015 - FoML Executive Board Minutes

Friends of Maine Libraries Executive Board met at the Liberty Library on Friday, August 7, 2015.  Attending the meeting were Barb Rehmeyer, Laurel T. Parker, Nancy McGinnis via phone, and John Clark.  Unable to attend were Paulette Oboyski, Gale Briggs, and Deb Clark. No word received from Kara Kugelmeyer.

Discussion about Wild Apricot lead to a decision that we would agree to two years locking in a $270 per year price until March 2018.  $540 of our current funds will be used to cover the cost which must be paid before August 31, 2015.  John will attend to the payment right away.

Laurel did send information to Nissa Flanagan about FoML grants awarded at the MLA/MASL conference last November for inclusion in the Maine Library Association annual report.  FoML does have an ex-officio place on the MLA board.

We currently have 205 "likes" on Facebook.  The last request on FB for folks to become members went out on 5-31-15.

Current membership numbers are 29 individual, 57 organizational, and 2 professional (have website link on FoML website)

We need to grow our membership over the next two years that we have Wild Apricot as our website host and membership sign-ups online.  It was suggested that each of our members talk to 10 other people, beyond regular library channels, and encourage folks to join.  Our focus will be to let people know that more members = more money = more grants and FoML programs to offer all.  Groups to reach out to included Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, Maine Authors Publishing, Islandport Press, Maine Crime Writers, and individuals who present programs in libraries (George Smith, John Ford, Mark Nickerson, etc.).

We will hold a Fall Meeting which will include our annual meeting.  Nancy offered to connect with retired state librarian Linda Lord (and FoML member) to see if she would be available sometime in October.  A possible title for the program would be "Linda Unplugged". A Monday or aFriday would be preferred over a Saturday.  Nancy suggested that we see if we can hold the meeting at the Belfast Free Library which is close to Linda's home.  Both the Friends group and Steve Norman, the director, are members of FoML.  The meeting would convene at10:00am, included conversation with Linda, lunch, awarding of the grant, and small focus groups in the afternoon, ending at 2pm. Friends would be encouraged to bring posters, flyers, newsletters, and pictures to share.

We currently have $1248.43 in our account.  With the expense for two years of Wild Apricot of $540, we will have $708 left in the bank.  One $500 grant will be awarded this year, leaving $200 in the account to help with Fall Meeting expenses.  The grant deadline will be one month before the Fall Meeting (date TBD), and as soon as that is established the grant application will be available on the website.  Information about the upcoming grant will be posted by Barb on the website and on our Facebook page.

We need to share the message that "Our ability to offer grants is contingent upon the size of our membership.  The more money we have, the more we can give away."

The meeting began about 10:20am, adjourned at 11:30am.  Many thanks to Barb Rehmeyer for hosting us in Liberty.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurel T. Parker

November 16, 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

In lieu of an annual meeting the presentation of the two FoML grants will stand as the meeting.  Laurel presented the grants at the MASL/MLA Library Conference at the Cross Center in Bangor during a reception.  The Peabody Memorial Library’s (Jonesport) grant was for a community movies project and Falmouth Memorial Library will use their award for Flukes, a ukulele community band project.  Representatives from both libraries were able to attend and accept their grants.

Respectfully submitted,

Gale Briggs, Secretary   

October 24, 2014 FoML Executive Board Meeting Minutes (Conference Call)

Present:  Laurel Parker, Kara Kugelmeyer, Don White, Nancy McGinnis, Paulette

              Oboyski and Gale Briggs

Absent:  John Clark, Barb Rehmeyer and Edna Comstock due to inability to log

              into meeting

After discussion of the grant submissions, the Peabody Memorial Library (Jonesport) and the Falmouth Memorial Library were chosen to each receive the $750.00 grant awards.  Peabody Memorial Library plans to use the grant money for a community movies project and the Falmouth Memorial Library will use their award for Flukes, a ukulele community band project.  We need to continue to encourage open minded thinking and creativity as was evident in this year’s applications.  The applications came from various economic geographic and large and small areas.  Nancy will call the awardees and let them know they have been selected.  We ask that they not announce being chosen until after the grants are given out.  Laurel plans on attending the reception at the MASL/MLA Library Conference in Bangor at the Cross Center on November 16, 2014 and presenting the awards to the grant winners if they are able to attend.  Nancy asked that in the future, the grant application wording will request that the recipients acknowledge FoML in their project, program or whatever their use of the grant happens to be.

MLA has an outstanding Library Award.  Should FoML award a Friend of the year with perhaps a 1 year membership?  This would not be library focused, but a nominated member of the public.    

Don asked if it might benefit FoML and members if the membership be on a rolling calendar rather than January to December.  We need to follow up with more discussion.

Don also volunteered to compose a newsletter for FoML.  Criteria to be discussed and frequency.  Every other month was suggested.  Don asked for ideas and submissions.  Paulette offered to do an article on grant writing.

Nancy has edited the FoML brochure and sent it to Laurel and Barb to look over and it will be posted on our website.

Respectfully submitted,

Gale Briggs, Secretary    

August 27, 2014 FoML Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Present:  Barb Rehmeyer, Deb Clark, Laurel Parker, Don White, Nancy McGinnis and Gale


Excused:  John Clark, Kara Kugelmeyer and Paulette Oboyski

Our August 27th meeting was held at the Topsham Public Library.  The February 5, 2014 meeting minutes were accepted as presented.  Laurel gave the treasurer’s report as John was not able to attend.  The treasurer’s report was also accepted as presented.

Our main order of business was to finalize FoML’s 2014 grants’ dates and the application.  This year we will be awarding two $750.00 grants to two FoML organizational members.  The application process will begin on September 1, 2014 with a deadline of October 17, 2014.  All applications must be postmarked or time marked by this date and be no more than two pages.  If more than two pages, they will not be considered.  The winners will be announced in November.  Deb will check to see if the awardees can be presented at the MLA and MASL Conference which will be held November 16 and 17, 2014.  This also will provide FoML visibility and hopefully raise awareness to our organization.  FoML’s board will receive the grant applications in advance and teleconference on October 24, 2014 to select the grant recipients.

The grants will be in lieu of an annual meeting.  Plans are underway now for next year’s annual meeting and many ideas are being looked into to provide a worthwhile conference.

After discussing the possibility of a newsletter, Don White agreed to start this up.

Deb presented one of SMLD’s annual meeting objectives that they will work on this year.  Their objective is to have one new FoML member from 30% of SMLD’s sixty-seven public libraries by June 1, 2015.  She would like to have a FoML brochure which could be provided to libraries for their patrons.  Nancy is in the process of developing a brochure by our October 24th meeting.  She talked about an 8 ½ x 11 Tri-fold brochure in PDF form that could be a template to be shared with libraries.  Bookmarks (four to a page) could also be designed to be used in the same way.  Nancy said she would create, share and look for our feedback on these items.

Barb will put a link on our website to the Maine Arts Commission for a survey that they are requesting feedback on in order to better partner with others.

Laurel will complete a proclamation request to the governor to have October 19 to 25, 2014 as Friends of Maine Libraries Week which would coincide with National Friends of Libraries Week.

Gale Briggs has agreed to continue as secretary for another year.

Next meeting is October 24, 2014 by teleconference.  (10:00 A.M.  Decided after meeting)

Respectfully submitted,

Gale Briggs, Secretary 

© Friends of Maine Libraries.                                                                                         Thank you for your support.

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